You are your password

We are building a futuristic identification and authentication system on the blockchain that enables you to prove your identity without remembering any passwords by using your mind. No one can impersonate you.

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How does it work?

The user is wearing a lightweight headgear that receives specific biosignals in response to unique visual and acoustic stimuli. Biosignals include electrical brain waves (EEG), facial muscle activity (surface EMG), skin conductance (EDA), among others.

The combined neurophysiological response is algorithmically processed to create a unique hash that acts as a password that you don't need to consciously remember and is impossible to replicate. The hash is validated locally, only when the user wants to authenticate herself.

features and home use

Ultra secure and user friendly

Use it to authenticate to websites or manage your wealth

Our solution has many different uses. From secure online banking to hardware wallets and anything in between. You will never have to remember any complex password again.

Authentication and identification use cases for physical or virtual entry

A modern futuristic replacement for biometric fingerprints, iris scanning or passports

Our new approach makes traditional authentication methods obsolete. Imagine having unlimited fingerprints and irises so that you can use a combination of them each time you need access. Even in case a malicious actor intercepts them, he won't be able to usem them the next time. All of this with minimal cognitive effort on your part.
Border controls, secure vaults, governments, and the military could all benefit from increased security by using the blockchain and our cutting-edge system.

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The team

Aris Giachnis

Aris Giachnis

Lead Developer

Senior Software engineer, Startup entepreneur

Aris Giachnis

Konstantinos Michailidis

Lead Researcher

Physician, Neuroengineer